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What is SmbFTPD

SmbFTPD is a FTP daemon modified from the FTP daemon of FreeBSD 5.4. Besides keep original FreeBSD ftpd features, it enhances the user permission control, integrate configuration files, and more useful features. SmbFTPD also support SSL/TLS encryption. The SSL/TLS functions are ported from BSDftpd-ssl project.

The biggest difference between SmbFTPD and normal FTP daemon is it use Samba-like share management mechanism. When user login SmbFTPD, his/her permission on share folders can be exactly the same with Samba. You can make FTP users have the same permission with Samba Windows users.

You may also use SmbFTPD as a normal FTP daemon or use Samba mode at the same time. The original FreeBSD's FTP daemon is a performance server. The SmbFTPD is high performance, too. Its small footprint makes it suitable for embedded FTP server.


SmbFTPD support most Unix-like operating system. It has been tested on FreeBSD 5.x, FreeBSD 6.x, Linux 2.4, Linux 2.5, NetBSD, etc. It is very easy to cross compile and install on non-x86 platforms. We have run it on ARM Power Pc, X86, and MIPS.

  • High performance.
  • Small footprint. Only 90KB.
  • SSL/TLS encryption support.
  • Virtual user support. You can put users in MySQL, PostgreSQL, or text file.
  • Support UTF-8 conversion between client and filesystem.
  • Can change default port number.
  • Limit max connection and max connection per IP.
  • Flow control by user and group.
  • Configurable chroot path for different user and group.
  • Samba-like share management mechanism. You can set read/write permission on user/group for different directories.
  • Can disable some FTP command to avoid upload, download, and so on.
  • Anonymous user login.
  • Many anonymous user access control.
  • Support Samba mode and normal mode at the same time.
  • Can disable LIST command for some users/groups in some shares.
  • Can disable users/groups to download files in some shares.
  • Can make user to upload file only and can't modify exist files.
  • Put a directory in upload only mode.

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